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Uncle Atom talks about knowing when to quit, and when to keep painting. Follow Tabletop Minions on TwitterKnowing when to quit is probably one of the most under-publicized but most important skills ever. Quitting the right projects can mean finishing more, you just ...

The new revised edition includes a completely revamped chapter on video poker, updated coverage of getting the most out of slot clubs, recent examples of exploitable gambling promotions, and a brand new Resources section, identifying the best sources of player information available-from books to software to the Internet. Quitting Poker Session On Time Will Make You A Winner! But when you learn to get up and quit poker session when you feel frustrated or bad, you will be amazed how much money you can save and what impact it could have on your win rate. Make sure to learn and recognize those spots, develop a habit of quitting poker session on time, leave you games when you should and you will be up for the good start. Going All In: Poker vs US Gov’t - Business Insider "The proper use of the fold, the proper use of knowing when to quit, is maybe the most important skill in poker…and in trading" "Just because you lose money, doesn't make it a bad bet." When to Quit a Poker Session - Online Gambling Bible

When to quit playing an online poker session. If you play a lot of online poker at PokerStars or at another online poker room with a lot of action and multi-tabling opportunities, you need to know when to quit a session. Otherwise your win ratio will suffer. When to quit playing a session of poker is when you feel too stressed out to play.

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Quitting Poker Session On Time Will Make You A Winner!

Poker roundtable knowing when to quit Knowing When to Quit, Mindfulness & Painless Poker - Tommy Angelo Interview. Tommy Angelo is a renowned poker player, writer & coach who's authored three poker books, including 'Elements of Poker' & his latest, Painless Poker. You can ... Poker Strategy - Play or Quit? - Knowing when to just call it quits for the session will do you a world of good for your bankroll. If you play limit poker, it is wise to quit if you have a swing of 40 big bets or more either way. Forty big bets at limit is a lot (especially longhand), so having swings more than this may drive you insane. Why after 7 years I've decided to quit online poker Playing Poker takes up a large percentage of the time I have to dedicate to these goals so the nextYou added more tables or you weren’t focusing or you lost your passion for the grind I don’t knowI’ve quit online poker since it became regulated in Spain. I don’t trust the software and RNG and just...

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When to leave the table in cash game? - Learning Poker ... This is a discussion on When to leave the table in cash game? within the online poker forums, in the Learning Poker section; I'm asking this on behalf of my roommate. But when should you leave the ... Quitting poker for a living was the best decision I ever made ...